Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More pictures of Okatie elementary school children!

In these pictures we can see the 2nd graders reading the books on healthy eating and plants.
Today we finally got a tractor and driver. We repotted many tomatoes.

Okatie Elementary School

In the first and second pictures we can see the tomato plants in the window ready to get move to the greenhouse.
In the third picture we can see the 5th graders putting tomato plants in greenhouse
In the 4th picture we can see the 5th graders getting rocks to repot tomatoe plants.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bee Week!

There were 247 kids come through Bee Week this week!
Bee Week is hosted by volunteer beekeepers from the Edisto, Aiken and Mid-Carolina Beekeepers association, who host this event to educate youth about the importance of bees and the art of beekeeping.
Since 2001, 2,706 second grade students from Bamberg, Barnwell, Aiken and Hampton Counties have attended 4-H Animal Science Week.
For more information about Bee Week, please contact Mindy Sandifer with the Barnwell County Career Center & FFA Program.

Activities at Gray Court-Owings Elementary!!

Students, and fellow Montessori teachers have been busy starting seedlings in the classrooms. They have started tomatoes, various squash, peppers, lettuce, dill, and had some failed attempts at broccoli and parsley. Students recently planted some potatoes outside as well. This has allowed the primary classes up to fifth grade classes the opportunity to see vegetable and herb plants start from seed. They have also been responsible for helping water, and transplanting certain plants.

Last week fabric was put down and some soil delivered for the raised beds. Construction of the raised beds will begin after students return from spring break. The hope is to have them complete by April 23rd when we will invite families to come plant, weed and/or transplant in honor of Earth Day.