Monday, January 9, 2012

School Nutrition Success Story

Ohio Students Ask for More Spinach!

Sailorway Middle School’s cafeteria (Ohio) had been offering fresh fruits or vegetables every day for years, but when Cafeteria Manager Evie Hess realized many of the fourth graders weren’t taking the fresh produce, she knew it was time to mix up the menu.

So one day Evie ordered fresh strawberries and baby spinach and served them with low fat poppy seed dressing. Her assistant said, “No way are they going to eat this!” but the class scooped up every single serving and students were asking for more the rest of the week!

Evie knows you have to get creative if you want kids to try their fruits and veggies. She also serves pineapple tidbits with a sprinkling of blueberries and pairs sugar snap peas with cherry tomatoes for a colorful serving line. She still comes across students who don’t recognize the fresh foods she serves, but thanks to the school meal program, Sailorway students are learning to love their fruits and veggies.

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