Monday, August 6, 2012

Smart Gardener

Are you a teacher looking to start a garden at your school?  Are you a teacher that is looking for guidance with an existing school garden?  Smart Gardener is an excellent resource to help you with every step in getting your school garden started and maintaining it. 

Once you sign up for Smart Gardener you will receive assistance in:
  • Setting up your garden
  • Selecting your plants
  • Creating your smart garden plan
  • Receiving weekly to-dos

"Smart Gardener is uniquely positioned to give consumers exactly what they need to easily grow their own healthy, organic vegetables. Smart Gardener is built with proprietary IP and delivers consumers highly personalized tools and garden plans based on key inputs including geo-location and household size. Our service is also differentiated by a complex weather mapping algorithm, an extremely rich database of over 500 plants, as well as ecommerce to purchase the best organic seeds available online."

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